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Day 41: A 'kuningi' morning for PapaGhost – BBMzansi

02 March 2024
Does trouble in paradise mean the end of LeGhost?
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PapaGhost spoke to Sinaye about seeing him as a threat after his win at the Friday night arena games, his thoughts about McJunior, and their taste in music. He also had an argument with Lerato Modise regarding her flirting with Willy.

PapaGhost got into an argument with Lerato Modise this morning over what he perceives to be her repeated flirtations with Willy. PapaGhost made it clear that he is uncomfortable with the dynamic between her and Willy, expressing his concerns about their relationship. "You never want to be accountable," he said as she apologised and spoke about not having any feelings for Willy. Despite Lerato Modise's attempts to reassure PapaGhost, he remained suspicious of her interactions with Willy. In conclusion, he told Lerato Modise that they could keep up with the charade but he finds it hard to get past her actions.

PapaGhost and Lerato Modise's argument

PapaGhost moved on to another conversation with Sinaye, insinuating that Sinaye stepped up his game this week and now sees him as a threat. They also spoke about the looming eviction and the emotions that come with nominations.

PapaGhost told Sinaye that he feels like his game was sabotaged during the games, and he was not happy about it. His mood reflected that of McJunior, who last night felt Taki betrayed him.

We don't think the experience will draw the two together anytime soon, but PapaGhost did acknowledge in his conversation with Sinaye that McJunior does have a good flow when it comes to rapping. They both agreed on music they would would love to listen to right after their exit from the house.

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