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Day 40: PapaGhost stays bagging Ls – BBMzansi

01 March 2024
Losing is one thing, but it's another to lose to your enemy.
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Throughout his time in the house, PapaGhost has carried a "can't beat" energy about him, yet has done everything but win ... at least not yet.

PapaGhost's music knowledge shined through the darkness that Biggie's 2ks were stuck in while trying to navigate the selection of throwback music. Although he may not have placed high on the scoring board based on technicalities, an appreciation can be shown for his showmanship and perseverance throughout the game. But determination does not always see you through to the end, a testimony that still holds true for PapaGhost. 

Last Sunday, PapaGhost participated in the Fast Forward challenge that fast-tracked him to the final round of the HoH games, only to lose to Willy. McJunior, who has won the HoH title consecutively, was well on track to a face-off with his nemesis. This is a battle that the streets have been sbwling, a duel between the two Big Brother rivals. Although they may not see eye to eye on a single matter, the rivals seem to possess a fire that will always unite them through inescapable comparisons. The only difference between them right now is that only one of them has an undeniable winning streak, while the other has a habit of falling short. McJunior's HoH and arena game wins are a stinging reality for PapaGhost who has a desire to possess the power that McJunior once basked in. Losing is one thing, but it's another to lose to your enemy over and over again. 

Watch PapaGhost's battle for HoH: 

PapaGhost has been vocal about his desire for power, but his journey to the seat slips through his fingers at every turn. The pursuit of that power seemed to be a dream lost when he was fake evicted to Biggie's secret cabin, while the victory of defeating his enemy was short-lived for McJunior after LeGhost's surprise re-entry. The two have since been cat-and-mouse in the house, constantly chasing the upper hand through overt jabs and the use of the arena as their battlefield during challenges. 

Their bickering continued during the face-to-face nominations when they nominated each other in a heated session around the fire. With both of them nominated, who will have the last laugh? 

PapaGhost's losing streak continued after his group did not bag a win for their efforts during the Comfort task. With the Friday Night Arena Games fast approaching, could tonight result in him breaking the habit, or will he hit a jackpot of losses?

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