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Day 40: Kisses galore for Liema, Meelay, Mpumi and Sinaye – BBMzansi

01 March 2024
While the situationship and games get under scrutiny.
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Last night Liema made a decision to step down from her situationship with Jareed and Mpumi and as the trio was having a family meeting in the dressing room with Els as the third wheel, the girls told each other off but that quickly turned into a kiss, much to Jareed's shock.

This incident became the topic of discussion for McJunior, Meelay, Taki and Sinaye who were watching everything unfold from the bedroom.

Just after midnight, when things were slowly dying down, Meelay and Sinaye snuggled under the covers and shared endless passionate kisses amidst giggles. It doesn't look like any of the other housemates caught on to that action though. 

Liema fails to quit the throuple

Before their wager presentation, Liema told Chuenzaaa that she is done with the situationship with Jareed and Mpumi but it seems that Liema's actions did not align with her words as she continues to be involved with both Jareed and Mpumi.

While the pool party was in full swing, Jareed, Mpumi and Liema took a little time to cool off in the restroom, with Jareed chatting with Liema and Mpumi about how hard it is to choose between the two of them.

Jareed expresses confusion 

After the pool party, Jareed found himself stuck in the dressing area with Liema and Mpumi as they tried to settle their differences. After speaking about their distrust of each other and their strained relationship, their conversation took another turn when the two spoke about their kiss in the shower, with Mpumi questioning Liema for not taking things further after the kiss.

What originally seemed like a tense moment turned into a flirtatious one, with Mpumi stepping over to Liema to kiss her, much to the delight of Els, who played refree and spectator.

While the drama in the dressing area went on, Chuenzaaa, Lerato Modise, MakhekhePapaGhost, Willy, Young Pappi and Zee gathered in the lounge to play games. Chuenzaaa suggested a game of 'Spin the Bottle' but the house settled on playing another game that involved telling a story with a lie and a truth in it. PapaGhost then suggested a second game that involved each individual speaking about post S'ya Mosha plans they have with fellow housemates.

The gossip crew

As the drama in the dressing area unfolded, McJunior, Meelay, Taki and Sinaye analysed the throuple and their actions. They all agreed that it was not an act but feelings are involved. 

Their conversation moved from the drama in the dressing area to the game in the lounge. Sinaye updated the crew on the type of game PapaGhost was leading in the lounge, stating that everything he had heard was positive. McJunior wasn't buying the positive feedback, expressing doubts about housemates having positive intentions towards each other outside the house.

High spirits indeed

The housemates were in high spirits from their 70 per cent wager win and explosive pool party, but will they be eager to maintain that positive energy as the competition heats up and tensions rise within the house? Only time will tell if their camaraderie and situationships will withstand the pressure of the game.

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