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Day 40: Back to basics, a guide to camping – BBMzansi

01 March 2024
Tips for surviving glamping in the wild with your faves.
black people camping

Big Brother threw the S'ya Mosha housemates in the wild, almost literally, when he subjected them to a life in the garden for the week themed Back to basics. The housemates endured a camping experience in the garden, stripped of luxuries like their beds, clothing options, and a hot shower. 

After four days of the housemates' outdoor living, here are some camping tips to help you survive: 

Turn the heat up

An OG camping experience does not come with a stove for cooking or boiling water so you must acquaint yourself with lighting your own fire. This is a necessary survival skill because your meals, hygiene, and evening warmth are all dependent on the heat you are able to start and maintain. Although necessary, it is a manual task that is far from glamorous and requires the will to get your hands dirty. Now dirt may not be the brand for the girlies and gays, that's why you must invite others to do all the groundwork. Get yourself men like Jareed, Makhekhe, McJunior, PapaGhost, and Taki on your camping squad. Indoda must work an axe to cut the logs and carry them to the camping site while you find ways to make yourself look busy, but really you're just sitting around looking pretty. The aim is never to sweat, a mantra that Els, Lerato Modise, Meelay, Mich, and Young Pappi lived by. 

Be prepared to step up where the boys fall short. Sometimes you might just have to provide your own shelter like Yolanda did. 

Watch Yolanda's construction skills: 

Save the glam 

Although soft living is the goal, turning your camping into glamping is not always practical. The biggest tip for taking care of your wigs: leave them at home. This is a realisation that Zee came to on the first day of her outdoor experience. Moghel resorted to her natural hair, a choice that saved Meelay from any and all hassles. There are multiple ways to do your pretty girl rock but it should never be at the cost of a wig. Rip a page out of Els, Lerato Modise, and Liema's books and rock braids or faux locks as a substitute for your Peruvian. Although this may be a cheaper and more manageable solution, be prepared for your hair to smell like the smoke around you. A safer alternative for your hair is to chop it all off and be in your short hair era like Mpumi and Yolanda. 

Kwa sukasukela, cosi! 

What to do when you can't watch your fave Showmax doccie or Mzansi Magic drama because you are off the grid for the week? Break into your best storytelling voice and share all the folktales you know from childhood. The best time is when the moon is at its fullest or the night at its darkest to heighten the effects of your scary story. You might want to hold on to a lover or a person or interest if you're faint-hearted. An alternative to scary tales is a fire gossip session with the Sinaye and Taki of your camping group. This way you keep up with the tea on your least fave squad members, and get to enjoy a sound night of sleep. 

Pack lots but keep it light

Why have multiple looks when you only need the bare minimum? Sacrifice drip for comfort when you prepare for your life in the wild. Big Brother guided the housemates by providing them with a list of items to pack for their week of summer camping. 

Cargo pants and sweats in camouflage are the way to go to channel your inner soldier or scout. 

Watch the wager presentation for more survival tips: 

The housemates concluded their camping experience by turning up at the Thursday Pool Party last night, which led to a string of kisses that resulted in a ton of drama, as we've come to expect. The morning after, however, brought a restoration of peace and order in Biggie's house as the housemates prepared for their surprise celebrity guests who are set to arrive for lunch tomorrow. 

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