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Day 4: Disruptors shine as housemates lose their first wager – BBMzansi

25 January 2024
The S'ya Mosha housemates experienced their first dose of defeat in Biggie's house as they lost their first wager of the season.
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Despite their confidence and strategy, Biggie expressed displeasure at the preparatory process for the wager presentation. Citing that some housemates were lackadaisical in their approach to the presentation while others were fully committed. These observations were made after the housemates had given an hour-long presentation in line with the theme of the week, "Who are you?". The presentation began with each housemate giving an individual presentation before they all came together to give a group presentation.

Disruptors on a mission

Preparation for the presentation did not happen without a little mosha proudly sponsored by Biggie himself.😂 While preparing for their presentation, Biggie tasked the Disruptors with the duty of making the avatars of their housemates disappear as well as one of theirs just to make it seem original. The Disruptors were also given the free reign to disrupt the wager and boy did they go for it. From Disruptor Neo's planned mishap to Disruptor Taki being a mess. The Disruptors got viewers on the edge of their seats with their unpredictable and entertaining antics.

Check out what the social streets had to say about the performance of the Disruptors below.

We are eager to see how the housemates handle their defeat and if this might just be the beginning of food fights in the house.

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