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Day 39: Memorable moments from last night! – BBMzansi

29 February 2024
The moral of the story, relationships have ups and downs.
Mpumi and Els gossip

So many moments had us picking our jaw from the floor last night and we love it for the housemates.

Makhekhe in search of a love coach.

Perched around the fire with his buddies PapaGhost, Lerato Modise, Mich and his ‘wife’ Yolanda, Makhekhe had a burning question for Mich. “Do you love 100 per cent when you love someone?”, he quizzed, totally off guard. Makhekhe had declared that he would appreciate a relationship coach because how he runs his affairs currently is ‘not make sure’.

Jareed totally ignoring Els.

Sandwiched between Jareed and Mpumi on the matresses, Els tried calling for Jareed’s attention but he literally ignored her, not even when he touched him. Did Liema not just burst out in laughter!

HoH Willy calling them out

"Eyi these days Bible studies are popular, even abo Els", HoH Willy made a revelation of this sudden change in the housemates' behavious.  Els defended herself saying she reads the Bible, just that she left hers at home. Also, declaring that life is tough in Biggie's house.

Mich’s mjolo woes

"I’m a stress in mjolo, I’m very toxic I know,” Mich explaining to Makhekhe that he would never understand his partner going out with someone else without him, it doesn’t matter if they are friends or not.

The CV-less Young Pappi

“Jobs have approached me but I don’t have a CV, I’ve never had one,” Young Pappi shared with a few of the housemates, including HoH Willy, Jareed and Mpumi, as they were talking about minimum wage in Mzansi.

Zee’s magic hands

“I’m very good with my hands,” Zee acknowledged after Sinaye had paid her a compliment for burning the midnight oil on the sewing machine. “Ya you are!”, Sinaye responded coyly, almost making Zee both embarrassed and concerned. “Why are you saying it like that?” Zee shyly questioned but she would not be answered. We won’t say anything if you don’t.

Mich’s depleting English bundles

Not Mich worried about his English bundles depleting because of his acquaintance with Makhekhe and Yolanda. After Yolanda responded, “worse than west gate” when he asked her a question. He told Lerato Modise this in stitches, as they and the culprits all chilled by the fire pit.

Yolanda robbed?

Yolanda threateing to spy on her housemates for robbing her of a chance to wear a scout uniform in today’s wager presentation.

"I never went to a private school so I wanted to experience the scout uniform and they refused me. They hurt my feelings,” she quipped. Lerato Modise was triggered and quickly reprimanded Yolanda for alleging that only private schools have scouts. “You’re going to embarrass yourself, stop saying that,” she said in the lowest tone. However, Yolanda made it clear that she didn’t care, insisting that she was hurt and needed an audience with Biggie.

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