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Day 37: Sinaye and Yolanda question their game – BBMzansi

27 February 2024
Doubt fills the minds of Sinaye and Yolanda as they ponder the recent nominations.
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Sinaye revealed to Taki, Zee and other housemates yesterday evening that he was rattled by the words that were said to him during the face-to-face nominations last night. Yolanda, on the other hand, cannot fathom the constant nominations she has received this season.

The housemates were given another opportunity to openly express themselves about their feelings towards other housemates last night when Biggie told them to make their nominations face-to-face with valid reasons to back their nominations.

The housemates were both shady and direct, as they gave very spicy reasons for their nominations. Sinaye, who is one of the nominated housemates, was called out for being sneaky by Makhekhe and PapaGhost. Mich’s reason for also nominating him seems to have cut deep. “You are a gossip queen,” Mich said about Sinaye because Sinaye had called him out for statements he made in private.

We are not sure which of the statements got to him, but it left him shaken. He ended his short rant by saying he now understands why housemates from previous seasons of BBMzansi used to speak about holding grudges outside the house and insinuated that he might do the same. Yolanda expressed her shock at being nominated, complaining to Makhekhe that she had never anticipated receiving nominations back-to-back. Will this be the nomination to make Yolanda restrategise her game? On Sunday morning, she did complain about housemates knowing her weaknesses, and it will be nice to see if this nomination will be the tipping point for her to switch up her game in the house.

Last week, the public nominations changed the dynamics of the house and saw a couple of housemates express a newfound sense of urgency in their gameplay. It is safe to say that this week's public nominations may intensify the emotional tensions and strategic moves within the house as everyone tries to secure their spot in the house.

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