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Day 38: Once upon a camp fire – BBMzansi

27 February 2024
Kwa suka sukela. Cosi as the housemates tell village tales around the fire.
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Biggie's has turned the hands of time and rewind to Paleolithic times and the housemates have channelled their inner cavemen. The Back to Basics theme has rid the house of its civilisation and required the housemates to tackle a life of the outdoors, emulating a high school leadership camp. 

The housemates gathered around the campfire to tell eerie tales of their villages and 'hoods. Imagine this: you are trapped at an undisclosed location with a group of strangers who do not always have your best interests at heart. The air is thick with grey smoke from the fire that was recently set. You shut your eyes to listen to this group of unknowns while they share tales of their upbringing, and folklore that drives chills down your spine. 

While you see the flickering light that is seeping through your shut eyes, you witness the lives of other housemates who have apparently been at the very same location and co-existed with a well-sought-after woman who turned out to be the ghost of a deceased hopeful who was enroute to the house when they departed from the world of the natural. A story narrated by PapaGhost while he tended to the fire as they prepared their dinner. 

You are then transported to under the river where a mermaid resides. One day a group of fishermen reeled in the child of a mermaid and kept it for themselves. This sent the mermaid into a fit of rage and caused a storm like no other when the mermaid soared into the air, destroying any civilisation in search of its child. A folk tale that Yolanda claims to be a real life story of her childhood village. 

"Kwa suka sukela," Mpumi called. "Cosi," responded the house. Then your imagination teleports you to the home of Tselani, a boy who lived with his mom. As Mpumi narrates the tale, you see Tselani's mom commute to work and leave him alone, unattended by an adult. One day a monstrous man took an interest in Tselani's house and attempted to gain entry by singing his mom's secret song: "Tselani, ngwanaka. Tla o tseye dijo oje," but he knew that was not his mother, and the monster turned away. The monster made several attempts at the song and arrived at the correct imitation. Bang! Bang! Bang! And the song that mislead Tselani into abduction by the monster. His mom devised a plan to lure the monster out of his quarters and managed to save her little Tselani. 

The housemates got back to the roots of African storytelling, entertaining themselves while breaking bread around a fire under the moonlight. 

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