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Day 36: Yolanda's sphithiphithi Monday – BBMzansi

26 February 2024
Yolanda burns bridges and squashes beefs.
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Yolanda has been driving her fellow housemates' emotions high and low today, burning bridges and righting her wrongs all within three hours. One thing about Yolanda, she has zero fear of expressing herself and letting people know what's what through how she acts, and the unmissable jabs she throws. 

Victim 1: PapaGhost

Yolanda and her archnemesis, PapaGhost, were at it yet again today during his cleaning duties. She assumed the role of the madam of the house, dishing orders to the "clean boy" PapaGhost.

This came after he pointed out the pots she appears to have missed while on her dishwashing duty, something Yolanda could not have been bothered about, but made sure bothers her 'enemy' PapaGhost. She went on a mocking rant that saw her chanting "clean boy" at him and he retaliated by insulting her intelligence, likening it to that of a five year old. 

This is not the first time the two fight over cleanliness. Yolanda recently called PapaGhost names after he called her annoying for not removing her shoes when he wanted to sweep, and instead resorted to yelling her refusal. 

Watch the screaming match here:

Victim 2: Makhekhe 

Makhekhe's friendship with PapaGhost, and on-and-off relationship with Yolanda is proving to be a tough position for him to be in. Yolanda's main grievance with her boo thang is his kinship with the man she calls her enemy.

Her cries seem to be falling on deaf ears, something that eventually drove Yolanda to giving Makhekhe the cold shoulder. But the beef was not long-lasting because the love-birds made it back to each other and pillow talk had Yolanda revealing her true intentions with Mich and the state of their friendship. 

Watch Yolanda's tea on Mich here: 

Makhekhe flipped the table and addressed Yolanda's revenge kiss with Willy, putting the viewers through a whirlwind of emotions.  

Victim 3: Chuenzaaa

Chuenzaaa is not so much a victim of Yolanda's as much as she is his. The two have had a rift in their friendship since the Saturday Night Party. The besties' banter went a step too far for Chuenzaaa who did not appreciate being pushed over during the party. Yolanda, on the other hand, felt a distance after awards night when she threw shade at Chuenzaaa for winning the Most Stylish Housemate award over her. 'Chuchu' voiced an understanding for that banter, and said there was no bad blood. It seems all's well that ends well. 

All the emotional ups and downs took a toll on Yolanda physically and she rested her mind through an afternoon nap, something that seemed to be a popular activity in the house. Mpumi, on the other hand, brought glam to cleaning with thigh high boots and a black number fit for a Saturday Night Party. We asked the social streets to rate the look and she reeled in 10s across the board. 

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