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Day 36: Surviving the wild on a 70 per cent wager – BBMzansi

26 February 2024
This week, the house is out of bounds. 
A shocked fan

It's time to go back to a simpler time. A time stripped of modern advancements and its luxuries. A time that was void of a reliance on tools that aid us in getting tasks done. This week the housemates are going Back to Basics. 

The housemates gathered in the lounge and arrived at a 70 per cent wager stake after a majority vote. This was a decision that was made rather reluctantly given that they did not hold the full tea on what their wager brief was. Their wager rests heavily on their ability to adapt to a basic lifestyle, and the display of the survival skills that they learn in the wild. 

The 70 per cent wager builds on their trend to wager out of fear following their 80 per cent wager in the previous week amid the trauma of losing the 100% they had staked prior to that. With more than half the housemates due to survive only off basics, and the hope of donations from the Red Team, aka team Kopano, there is a natural reservation to staking more, but is that reservation a good start to a week dedicated to the survival of the fittest? 

The housemates have been tasked to tap into their inner scouts and get out of Biggie's house. They will be camping in the garden until after their wager presentation on Thursday night. In the mean time they will eat, live, and sleep in garden to get a taste of outdoor living. The housemates were given an hour to make a selection of all the items they will need to survive a life outside, with limitations by Biggie. 

Things they can take: 

  • Gym gear
  • A pillow
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Underwear 
  • Comfortable shoes 
  • A jacket 
  • Socks 
  • Three pairs of shorts and tracksuits 
  • Essential food items
  • Water dispenser 
  • Cooking utensils 
  • Spices and condiments
  • Cleaning items
  • Kitchen bins
  • She bin

What not to do: 

  • No extra bedding or blankets
  • No make-up 
  • No extra clothing

While they come to turms with going Back to Basics the housemates must put together a wager presentation that is informative and demonstrative of survival skills, a demonstration of skills needed to be a successful scout, and a custom scout's uniform complete with badges that reflect their newly found skills. 

Biggie cautioned them against a noisy campinging experience and informed them that should they not heed his warning, they will hear a lion's roar that signals them to lower their voices. 

The housemates' reactions were goated, with Mich telling Taki to "read it again," after he read the brief, needing a second take at a lifestyle change he battled to process. Chuenzaaa expressed a concern of co-existing with rats and Young Pappi took that thought and ran wild with it, taking to his writing pad to tease them, writing "imagine waking up and a rat is chowing your shoe." 

Watch last week's wager presentation: 

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