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Day 35: Week five in Biggie's house – BBMzansi

25 February 2024
From public nominations to unexpected twists, Biggie kept the housemates rattled for a whole week.
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Last week, Biggie pulled a fast one on the housemates as he made them nominate each other publicly, thereby putting the housemates in a state of distrust and confusion all through. Last Sunday, Biggie decided that he was done with making the housemates think they were on vacation, so he pulled out various twists that kept them on their toes through the week.

The dagger and secret cabin twist

Following Pale's eviction, Biggie shocked the housemates with the introduction of a figurative dagger, which Pale had to throw into the house. The dagger signifies a punishment that an evicted housemate has to assign to a housemate still in the house. Liema, who was the unfortunate housemate chosen by Pale to receive the punishment, had to take a shoe and care for it as one would care for an infant. This went on for two days. The twists continued with the fake eviction of Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, who were lodged in a secret cabin with the privilege of watching their housemates in the house.

Fake nominations and LeGhost's return

On Monday, the housemates took part in the Head of House games, which saw Taki emerge as the winner. However, what followed during nominations rocked the housemates to their core. Biggie revealed that their nominations were going to be public, meaning that housemates would mention the names of their nominees for eviction in front of their fellow housemates. Even though this week's nominations are fake since there will be no eviction at the live show, the unsuspecting housemates fled into Biggie's diary room on Tuesday and Wednesday to speak about how they had mixed emotions about all that had happened.

Reeling from the fake nominations, Biggie hit the housemates with yet another shocker through the return of Lerato Modise and PapaGhost. The housemates seemed both excited and shocked by their return. Mpumi told Biggie in her diary session that their return was the worst gift she could receive and that she was not happy to see them.

A couple of wins

On Thursday, Team Kopano, comprising Jareed, Makhehke, Meelay, Mpumi, and Young Pappi, won the wager challenge after battling with other housemates grouped into Teams Honey Badgers, who came out third, and Harmonic Hyenas, who got second place.

Willy joined the 5K club this week as he emerged as the overall best in the Friday arena games and dedicated his win to his mother.

The parties

Thursdays and Saturdays are always epic in the S'ya Mosha house, thanks to the parties and post-party drama that take place on those days. This week was no different, as the housemates provided viewers with premium entertainment and drama. Following their party on Thursday, Jareed, Mpumi, and Liema officially welcomed us into their lives as a throuple as they shared kisses and the same bed space all through the night.

On Saturday, however, Mpumi had an emotional moment before the party but was able to speak with Jareed about why she was being emotional. She said she feels alone even though there are people around her and has been feeling that way since Pale's eviction. After the Saturday night party, Lerato Modise and PapaGhost fought because Lerato Modise was not happy about PapaGhost dancing with other girls at parties. PapaGhost, however, threatened he was going to walk away for good if she kept pushing.

Last week was eventful, and we are sure the mosha is going to double this week when housemates realise last week was a non-voting week. The conspiracy, fights, and general tension in the house will be at an all-time high, making room for an explosive eviction week.

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