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Day 34: PapaGhost reveals conspiracy against Makhekhe – BBMzansi

24 February 2024
In a bid to gain more allies, PapaGhost reveals a shocking agenda to Makhekhe.
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PapaGhost spoke with Makhekhe this afternoon in the garden, where he revealed an ongoing plot by McJunior and Taki against him. 

Since his return to the house, PapGhost has rolled out a plan to get a couple of housemates on his side, and today, he seemed to have Makhekhe as a potential ally in his strategy. He sat with him in the garden this afternoon, where they spoke about their fellow housemates and shared thoughts about their gameplay.

Makhekhe referenced his fight with Chuenzaaa on Tuesday and how he believes it is a result of other housemates plotting with Chuenzaaa to target him. This prompted PapaGhost to share his own story about McJunior and Taki's plans against Makhekhe.

PapaGhost revealed that after his fake eviction from the house on Sunday, he had been privy to a scene showing McJunior and Taki planning to work against Makhekhe, assuming that he and Lerato Modise, his cronies had just been evicted.

Makhekhe and Chuenzaaa's fight 

PapaGhost also mentioned Sinaye and Young Pappi alongside Taki as housemates who aren't as strong as he is, so they always conspire with other housemates while hiding in the shadows in a bid to evade nominations. PapaGhot added that he's aware that he instils fear in McJunior and Taki and his goal is to get housemates that he doesn't like out of the house.

Birthday girl Els, also made it into the conversation as PapaGhost mentioned that she goes with the wind and called her a vacationist he believes that she does not have a strong presence in the house Makhekhe agreed mentioning that she is flighty. 

PapaGhost is working hard to put together a team of his own, which would most likely tilt decisions about nominations. The question is, how many housemates will fall to his side? Will PapaGhost's strategy ultimately be successful in securing his position in the house, or will his tactics backfire and lead to his downfall? Only time will tell as the dynamics within the house continue to shift and evolve.

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