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Day 34: McJunior questions Chuenzaaa's friendships – BBMzansi

24 February 2024
Chuenzaaa and McJunior chat about the choice of friendships in the S'ya Mosha house.
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This morning in the lounge, Chuenzaaa had a lengthy chat with McJunior about his friendships in the house, his reason for keeping certain people as friends, and how he makes decisions independent of the opinion of his friends. 

Chuenzaaa and McJunior had a wholesome bonding experience that saw McJunior shower accolades and praise on Chuenzaaa for being a level-headed housemate while he asked him questions about his friendships. 

Their convo started with McJunior asking him about his favourite movie, to which he responded, 'White Chicks'. After mentioning this, McJunior quizzed further to find out if there was a 'mean girl' character in the movie. Chuenzaaa wondered if McJunior was questioning if he preferred having friends who were the 'Mean Girl' archetype.

Chuenzaaa suspected that McJunior was referring to his friendships in the house, so he made it clear that even though his friends have big personalities, he never shiies away from expressing himself independently of their opinions.

Chuenzaaa mentioned Els, Yolanda and Mich as the friends who fall into this category and made it clear that, as much as they are vocal and have big personalities, he is not afraid to call them out whenever they cross certain boundaries and he makes a point to mix and interact with different people. This is the reason why he maintains these friendships despite the opinions of other housemates about them.

McJunior said he admires Chuenzaaa's ability to speak his mind whenever he needs to, recognising that it takes courage to do so in a competitive environment like the Big Brother Mzansi house. McJunior believes that this quality will serve Chuenzaaa well in his future endeavours, as it demonstrates strength of character and integrity.

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