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Day 31: Zee's got dilemmas – BBMzansi

21 February 2024
To be Chuenzaaa's friend or not to be? To be an agent or not to be? This is Zee's predicament.
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The return of the Ghosts, Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, has wrecked havoc in the house, with the knowledge that they were permitted to watch the housemates in their time away. Some have been on a pr tour, clarifying what they have said about Lerato Modise and PapaGhost now that they know that their true thoughts have been exposed by the TV in the cabin.

While some housemates were loose-lipped, Chuenzaaa chose to keep his feelings to himself with the fear that they may have been watching and would hold anything he says against him. Zee has clocked Chuenzaaa's apparent relationship with PapaGhost, and feels that he is playing on the face, failing to choose a side. Willy holds the same sentiment and condoned Zee's reluctance to avail herself to Chuenzaaa for a conversation. "It's crazy what nominations can do to a person," said Zee in reference to how Chuenzaaa has been testing the waters with PapaGhost, speaking to him, while she is the one who is called a fake friend. 

While PapaGhost's presence has driven a wedge between Chuenzaaa and Zee, he has also consumed her mind with his proposition. PapaGhost approached Zee last night with the hope of recruiting her to be a part of his secret agents. 

The question of being his secret agent has presented a existential crisis for Zee's game in the house. She confided in Young Pappi who advised her not to take PapaGhost up on his offer on her not-so-secret agent status. Zee's predicament was whether she wants to be his informant, or play a clean game without his interference. She has her suspicions on PapaGhost's true intentions, thinking he is using her for his game. Zee's brain has been racing about trying to figure out of the agent role is officiated by Biggie himself, or just the work of PapaGhost's mischief. 

To be Chuenzaaa's friend or not to be? To be an agent or not to be? This is Zee's predicament, and given the climate of the house, it will be interesting to see how where her mind lands. 

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