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Day 30: Yokhekhe might be making a comeback – BBMzansi

20 February 2024
Makhekhe expresses his displeasure at Willy and Yolanda sharing a kiss at last Thursday's pool party.
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Makhekhe and Yolanda had a chat this morning in the garden, where they analysed their relationship and how their once budding situationship had deteriorated.

Makhekhe expressed his displeasure with Yolanda moving on and not giving him another opportunity to mend their differences. He said that he was one to give people a second opportunity and Yolanda should do the same.

He continued telling Yolanda that her last Thursday pool party shenanigans with Willy had made him feel uncomfortable. Yolanda said she had given him numerous opportunities in the past and he still made mistakes. She added that he had ruined their relationship by hitting on Meelay and Neo, but she had nevertheless forgiven him.

Meanwhile, Makhekhe reminded Yolanda that after the pool party, she had actually apologised because she knew her actions the day before were not right. 

Makhekhe and Yolanda have been in an on-and-off situationship for a while, and their relationship was filled with drama and trust issues. Despite their history, it seems as though they are both struggling to move on.

At some point Makhekhe told PapaGhost that he was only playing a game with Yolanda and nothing serious would happen because she is troublesome and would put him in trouble. The conversation happened while PapaGhost advised him to steer clear of her because she would bring him trouble.

It seems Makhekhe has gone beyond the point of playing games and might have developed real feelings for Yolanda, as he made it clear that her kissing Willy rubbed him off the wrong way.

How will PapaGhost react to this news when he returns to the house? Aside from advising Makhekhe to stay away from Yolanda, there seems to be the notion that he has a crush on her. However, Makhekhe and the rest of the housemates believe PapaGhost has left the game but Biggie has a big surprise for them.

This could potentially lead to a complicated relationship between Makhekhe, PapaGhost and Yolanda.

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