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Day 31: Els's statement unsettles Mich – BBMzansi

21 February 2024
Mich calls for an important meeting with Els to clear the air about a statement she made yesterday.
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Mich complained this evening about not being happy with Els because she said she was uncomfortable with the way he touched her. This was what made him go off at her the night before.

After their Omo challenge, a visibly unhappy Mich told Yolanda he was going to confront Els at dinner for saying he made her feel uncomfortable. Yolanda, however, appealed to him to meet with her privately to sort things out instead. While speaking with Els, Mich revealed that her statement was what made him angry at her the night before.

He explained further that his anger stems from the fact that his father was incarcerated because of a lie; therefore, he is not comfortable with lies being told about him. Will this be the end of the beef, or will it continue? It's too soon to tell, but Mich's willingness to have a private conversation with Els may be a step in the right direction towards resolving the conflict peacefully. Ultimately, only time will tell if they can move past this disagreement and rebuild their relationship.

Social media was also buzzing with rumours and speculation about the feud between Mich and Els, hoping for a resolution between the two.

It remains to be seen how the other housemates will react to the situation and if they will take sides because the tension between Mich and Els has certainly caught the attention of their fellow housemates, who may play a role in either escalating or diffusing the conflict. Their reactions and support could potentially influence the outcome of this feud.

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