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Day 29: Nominations exposé – BBMzansi

19 February 2024
Biggie raised the drama when he made the nomination session a public one.
Shocked black men

From former disruptor to the new Head of House, Taki is the latest housemate to sit on the HoH throne. Taki upgraded his stay in the HoH room from guest to rightful tenant this week after spending time as a guest under McJunior's reign last week. Sinaye gets to experience the HoH quarters for the first time as HoH Taki's selected guest, extending the bromance theme. 

The race to the title was a tough one this week, with Mich giving Taki a tough time, battling it out to the very end and conceding to one point. This is a battle that was to be expected after Mich promised to come guns blazing and play the game if he survived last week's nominations, and so he did. But as Big Brother Mzansi S4 fate would have it, Taki inherited the title from McJunior after he inherited it from Neo, a serendipitous fate that seems to be bestowed on the guests. 

The housemates all took part in a game of four rounds that put their visual memory to the test. They were given 60 seconds to study objects in various domes. The housemates were subjected to questions by Biggie that tested their attention to detail and required them to recall the colours or number of objects under specific domes. Housemates were steadily filtered out as their memories failed them, leading to incorrect answers, and eventually leaving one housemate victorious.

If S'ya Mosha was a person, it would be the voice in the sky, Big Brother himself. Biggie presented a once-off opportunity for the housemates: conspiracy hour. The housemates were to occupy a demarcated area in the house and were given three minutes to conspire with a fellow housemate, engaging each other on how to nominate. Biggie raised the drama when he made the nomination session a public one, meaning housemates made their picks, with reasons, in front of each other. This provided a surprising 20 seconds each for housemates to reveal themselves to each other, placing perspective on relationships. 

Although he did not choose to share the Head of House room with him, HoH Taki saved McJunior and replaced him with Chuenzaaa. The final nominations are: Chuenzaaa, Els, Jareed, Liema, Makhekhe, Meelay, Yolanda, and Young Pappi. However, this is a non-eviction week, meaning these nominations are fake and there will be no voting, knowledge that is unknown to the housemates. 

See how the fake nominations went:

Housemate Nomination 1 Nomination 2
Chuenzaaa Meelay Makhekhe
Els McJunior  Yolanda
Jareed Yolanda  Makhekhe
Liema  Meelay  Young Pappi
Makhekhe Els Jareed
McJunior Els  Young Pappi
Meelay Liema  Jareed
Mich McJunior  Sinaye
Mpumi  Liema Meelay
Sinaye  Makhekhe Mich
Willy Yolanda Liema
Yolanda  Jareed  Els
Young Pappi McJunior  Liema 
Zee Yolanda  Makhekhe

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