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Day 29: Baby JJ's paternity issues – BBMzansi

19 February 2024
Baby JJ is crying occasionally and his father's identity remains unknown.
An ugly boot on a counter

Pale's dagger went straight for Liema last night during her eviction, and now Liema is carrying around a shoe that has become the funniest thing in the house right now. She received the boot this morning and she immediately got into mom mode. She needs to parent the baby for two days. Yolanda was the first to meet Jareed Junior (JJ) and commented about his unpleasing looks. 😥 Next to meet the baby was Jareed, Els and Mpumi. The sister wives were happy to meet JJ, but Jareed denied being the father of the baby. 

Aunty Yolanda has been the most excited about JJ's presence in the house. She intentionally dropped the baby in front of JJ's mother who collapsed in shock, picked up her baby and frantically asked to take him to the hospital. She suggested that the parents should feed the baby some milk, but Liema did not take the unsolicited parenting advice and decided to follow her gut. 

Her gut helped her when Young Pappi attempted to steal the baby. Young Pappi was quickly ratted out by Zee, but Liema made it on time before he could. 

Aunty Meelay was also spotted babysitting JJ while his alleged father bonded with Mamcane Mpumi in the garden. 💋

Paternity issues worsened when JJ started crying and Liema and Jareed rocked back and forth to calm him down. Jareed kept calling him "the baby" and when Liema adamantly reminded him of his name, he reminded her that "that ain't my baby." As JJ started howling again, Young Pappi came close and suggested that Liema should give the baby to its "real daddy", and he took the baby. Like any good mom, she changes his nappy and cleans him when necessary. 

The comical relief has aligned with the energy of unity that has been seen in the house. McJunior and Makhekhe made food for the housemates and they sat around the table and enjoyed their meals. This is in line with the theme for the week where housemates are required to work in their three allocated teams. 

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