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Day 28: A final diary session? – BBMzansi

18 February 2024
Free parties and fits among key fond moments for the nominated housemates.
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In true Big Brother nature, Sundays wrap up with a check in that turns out to be the last diary session for at least one housemate, and today was no exception. Big Brother called all six nominated housemates, with the exception of an unsuspecting Lerato Modise who was nominated in place for Taki, and asked them about their fondest moments of their four-week stay in the house. 

The parties were a popular choice for besties Mich and Yolanda who rated Biggie's grooves as the best ones ever. Mich went so far as to dub himself as Biggie's party MC, while his bestie celebrated that she gets to have fun at no expense of her own, leading to a lit time 🥃 and snatched 'fits. 

Tasks were another popular pick among your faves, reeling in their most precious moments in the house. Biggie's high tea task was an experience that served as affirmation of Pale's purpose. Arranging flowers, decor, and baking all reminded her of who she is. Her cooking was celebrated by Taki who cited her cook-off meal as a fond moment of his. Yolanda's focus during the tasks is hardly on winning, but rather the valuable lessons that emerge in the process. She has learnt to flirt, lap dance, and make a dress, all skills she attained in the house. While the housemates were apprehensive about health week, it resulted in a wager win that PapaGhost hails as on of his proudest moments. Another tick for health week because it saw Liema step out her cooking shell and stir up a meal that the house enjoyed. 

Watch the winning health wager here: 

Although there are other moments to consider, PapaGhost holds the moment he walked through the doors as his fondest. The moment he set foot in the house and laid eyes on the individuals that had inhabited it cemented the reality of the game. What would Biggie's house be without a smidge of drama and those who love it? If tonight is their last night in the house, Mich and PapaGhost will miss the drama and all the tea that their fellow housemates were engaged in. 

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