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Day 27: Biggie shows housemates who's boss – BBMzansi

17 February 2024
The chicken has come home to roost.
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Biggie punished the housemates for infringements in the house that had happened over the past four weeks.

This morning, the housemates were saddled with serving the punishment Biggie gave them as a result of their infringements of Biggie's rule in the house. Their punishment included scrubbing the entire patio paving stones in the garden area and cutting grass.

According to Biggie's brief, the punishment was the result of the following:

1. Housemates not wearing their microphones and being constantly told to refrain from whispering.

2. Housemates engaging in production talk when their efforts could be utilised on life inside the house.

3. Housemates wasting time when Big Brother calls them to the diary room.

4. The Head of the House not utilising the Head of the House chair, as is the requirement for one in this role.

5. Housemates carelessly handling, thus, breaking Big Brother’s task brief boxes.

Biggie punishes housemates

Housemates reaction

The housemates quickly got to work and set out to carry out their punishment, with instructions being passed around and a sense of urgency in the air. They understood the importance of completing the task properly to avoid any further consequences from Big Brother.

After they wrapped up their punishment, PapaGhost seemed visibly upset with what he had undergone and complained to Lerato Modise that the other housemates are not clear about their mission in the house, and that's why they all got punished. He also made it clear that he was not happy to have been punished because he had not been a perpetrator of any of the infringements listed by Biggie.

It remains to be seen how PapaGhost's frustration will impact his relationships with the other housemates, especially McJunior. If tensions continue to rise, it could potentially lead to a confrontation between the two.

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