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Day 26: It's over for Makhekhe and Yolanda – BBMzansi

16 February 2024
Makhekhe has decided to keep communication with Yolanda to house-related activities only.

This week's Thursday pool party left chaos in its wake after Willy and Yolanda shared a steamy kiss in the pool. Makhekhe was also in the pool, and judging from his conversation with housemates this morning, that kiss did not sit very well with him. His post-gym conversation with PapaGhost and Lerato Modise held a note of disappointment towards her behaviour, but he swore he was not hurt by the kiss. 

Yolanda and Makhekhe have been spending more time together, even calling each other husband and wife. Makhekhe, however, has made it clear to PapaGhost and Lerato Modise that he is not interested in Yolanda like that, even calling her a traitor. 

Watch Makhekhe calling Yolanda a traitor: 

After last night's pool party shenanigans, Yolanda pushed Makhekhe in a way that made him feel disrespected; something he had spoken about before to her. Yolanda's unwillingness to come to the respect party led to his decision to never speak to her again. This commitment was sealed when Yolanda attempted to apologise this morning, and he refused to speak to her. 

Lerato Modise and PapaGhost were adamant that he maintain his distance. They reckoned Yolanda was using Makhekhe because he is liked in the house. 

Watch their conversation here: 

Yolanda does not understand why Makhekhe is upset about the kiss. Her confusion stems from Makhekhe getting upset when she shows interest in other male housemates, while she feels he has done the same with his interest in other female housemates like Meelay and Sammy_M. Yolanda shared all this while comfortably straddling Willy, whom Makhekhe is ignoring too.

Kisses have caused chaos in the house, even for Jareed and his women. Last night, he kissed Els, Liema found out, and she is not having it at all. For her, that behaviour is a sign that Jareed does not care about her. One can't help wondering ... has he ever? 

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