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Day 24: Valentine's Day high tea on lock – BBMzansi

14 February 2024
A celebration of love.
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It's the week of love, and Biggie's got the housemates invested in making it a lovely day as they prepare for a Valentine's Day high tea.

Biggie asked the housemates this morning to get ready for an unforgettable Valentine's Day as he gave them supplies to make a high tea in the garden. While housemates set out to prepare for the event, It created the atmosphere for juicy gossip about happenings.

Relationship tea

Liema complained about not being friends with anyone in the house and Taki blamed it on being in a ship. He told her that he experienced the same thing when he got close to Neo and that people started talking behind his back and saw him as competition.

The conversation about ships continued as Zee questioned Jareed about who he preferred between Liema and Mpumi. Jareed, who had a special moment with Mpumi just the night before, spoke about missing Liema when he was with Mpumi and felt things might work out between himself and Liema outside the house.

Zee told him to play his game, but remember, he has a big decision to make outside the house.

Jareed speaks about his situationship

It seems Jareed will not be choosing between Liema and Mpumi anytime soon.

A little drama

What's a task in Biggie's house without a little mosha going down? Though Yolanda is very much convinced that PapaGhost has a crush on her, the two can't seem to let go of each other's jugular. While the housemates prepared for the event, PapaGhost and Yolanda had a little silent battle that started with PapaGhost complaining about leftovers and ended with him complaining about Yolanda burning the cake meant for the high tea.

Could Yolanda be right about PapaGhost having a crush on her? It's hard to tell, considering their constant bickering. It's also important to consider that their conflicts may simply stem from their strong personalities clashing rather than romantic feelings.

The main event

When it was past noon, Biggie welcomed the housemates into a well-decorated garden that reflected the mood of Valentine. The garden was adorned with vibrant red colours, and balloons, creating a romantic atmosphere for the occasion. As the housemates entered, they couldn't help but feel the love in the air and were excited for the high tea event.

PapaGhost and McJunior shared kind words with their fellow housemates, while Jareed took time out to have a special dance with Liema.

The event went on with the housemates digging into the meal they had made themselves and drinks provided by Biggie. Chuenzaaa made the sandwich they ate, Lerato Modise and Makhekhe made a cheese board, and Yolanda was in charge of the cake that was shared at the event.

We are sure Biggie's kids will do well to put together a beautiful event and keep the peace to have a good Valentine's Day celebration.

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