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Day 23: Meelay's love intervention – BBMzansi

13 February 2024
Relationships are like public transport.
Meelay with black wig

Valentine's Day is coming and Meelay's Valentine is nowhere in sight. The week of love got her in her thoughts and she confided in Makhekhe, Willy, and Young Pappi who all spoke softeness and love into her heart. There is a hyper independence that comes with being single for too long, and life alone has become a norm for Meelay. 

In a house full of kisses and cuddles, it was only a matter of time before a deep yearning filtered through to Meelay. The boys were ready with all the words of wisdom, playing agents to Cupid. Cupid's agents told Meelay that she ought to unlearn the mindset that has kept her focused on her goals while  neglecting the prospect of love. When he learnt how old she is, Willy politely reminded her that she may be young, but she time is ticking and, if she does not pay attention to it, she will find herself "45, single, and looking for love". 

Young Pappi put his love guru hat on and dropped a cliche, yet impactful bar – "allow yourself to be love." Repeating those words severally also enhanced their dramatic impact. The agents of Cupid also stressed the importance of letting of inhibitions in love, and opening herself up to genuine connection. Meelay attributed her singleness to the tunnel vision she has on her personal and career goals, an excuse the agents told her will never go away. They added that she must learn to balance both her career and personal ambitions. 

Makhekhe has since become the housemates' go-to confidant on matters of the heart ❤️. Living up to his new found prominence in the area of wisdom, he gave Meelay a love analogy for the books, telling her that relationships are like public transport. You step into a taxi without the knowledge of its roadworthiness, and the hope that it will deliver you to your destination safely. The same can be said about a love interest. You may not know someone's history, but you must trust that they will be easy with your heart. 

Meelay is on track to making herself increasingly visible. Will she enter Cupid's eye and land herself a lover in a house of ships in time for Valentine's day? 

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