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Day 23: Itching questions addressed on speed dates – BBMzansi

13 February 2024
Makhekhe finds out who has a crush on him in the house.

It's a day to go before Valentine's Day, and Biggie organised a speed dating session for the S'ya Mosha housemates. In case they had any questions to clear before picking their Valentine's, then today was D-day. Housemates had three minutes to ask eachother burning questions on rotation and they did not hold back. 

Chuenzaaa, known for his assertiveness, expressed disdain for latecomers, highlighting his value for punctuality and efficiency. Sinaye, on the other hand, opted for flattery, complementing his appearance and emphasising his aversion to disrespect. 

Mich, transparent in his distaste for inauthentic people, conveyed his discomfort towards insincerity to Lerato Modise during their date. 

PapaGhost, while acknowledging Yolanda's physical beauty, stated that he would have a crush on her in 'a different setting' and not in the house because of how she does not consider the bigger picture. This comes after Yolanda asked him if he has a crush on her. She has been identifying signs that PapaGhost is in love with her. 

Watch her first few reasons here: 

Willy hinted about his preference for adventure and shared activities with a partner. Young Pappi, delving into romance, recounted a past gesture of affection and envisioned a romantic escapade to Paris with Meelay. He was intentional about being a gentleman.

Taki, navigating emotional complexities, disclosed his vulnerability and passion for introspective pursuits like podcasts. A lot of the ladies identified his date as one of the best and Yolanda complimented him for his authenticity.

Makhekhe's probing question to Pale unveiled her tendency to maintain emotional distance, reflecting on her readiness to leave relationships. PapaGhost, amid flirtatious banter with Meelay, expressed his fondness for affectionate gestures like playing with his hair and his desire for a committed future. 

Lerato Modise revealed to Makhekhe that he is actually her house crush when he asked. Makhekhe said he loves the fun that Lerato has with him and how much she laughs when they are together.

Intriguing exchanges unfolded as housemates navigated their budding connections, revealing layers of vulnerability, compatibility and mutual understanding. Only they know what these revelations mean, so we must all hold one as we navigate the week of umjolo

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