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Day 22: What will Biggie's next move be? – BBMzansi

12 February 2024
What more does the king of tricks have up his sleeves?
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Chuenzaaa, McJunior and Taki had a conversation this morning about the disruptors and their exit, the possibility of new housemates and Biggie's bag of tricks.

The trio were chilling in the lounge when Chuenzaaa and McJunior told Taki about how shocked they were about Disruptors Fahima and Neo's exit and the reveal of their true identity in the game. Taki, who didn't reveal he was also a disruptor, played it smooth as he continued to discuss those who he thought might have been disruptors alongside Fahima and Neo.

Chuenzaaa went on to state that he suspected HoH McJunior and PapaGhost were fake housemates because of the way they acted in the first few days of being in the house and their antics later on. McJunior also corroborated Chuenzaaa's suspicion of PapaGhost, saying his utterances towards other housemates were so bold that he thought surely he had an assignment from Biggie.

They further discussed that Biggie could have more tricks up his sleeve and that it might be possible for new housemates to join the game or for an evicted disruptor to return and play for the money. Their imaginations ran wild as they also spoke about how the pool of nominations is now smaller and the possibility of being up for eviction today is high.

Though twists and turns are a big part of what makes Big Brother Mzansi an entertaining reality show, Chuenzaaa, McJunior and Taki couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and anxiety.

They know that Biggie could turn the game on its head at any time and this is enough to keep them on the edge of their seats awaiting Biggie's next move.

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