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Day 22: Makhekhe sets the record straight with the ladies – BBMzansi

12 February 2024
No cuddles for Yolanda last night.

The cake boss, Makhekhe, is heavy within the game and is still trying to find his "one" in the house. Shortly after last night's departure of Disruptors Fahima and Neo, he reflected on how he feels about Neo's exit.

He shared that he was happy that Neo had left because then she would no longer be in a ship with her fellow former disruptor, Taki. Neo was well aware of Makhekhe's interest in her. At one point, she said, "The one thing Makhekhe will do is look at me, shame". Disruptor Neo chose Taki instead, and based on Makhekhe's reflection last night, her choice did not sit well with him. 

His 'wife' Yolanda went to the kitchen to ask for some cuddles and he refused and instead wanted to share words of wisdom, but Yolanda was not here for it and hit him with "Bye Felicia".

Before the live eviction show, Sinaye recalled a statement Yolanda said to Makhekhe. He laughed when he quoted her saying "you are my husband but I am not your wife". The two have been in a complex relationship in the house. 

Zee entered the kitchen just after Yolanda left and Makhekhe told her that he needs to fix things between them because Sinaye and YoungPappi had blown their chances. When probed about Yolanda, Makhekhe said "It's a new week".

He is now onto a new one after the two ladies he fancied, Sammy_M and Disruptor Neo, both left the house without showing interest in him. He called Disruptor Neo his enemy and Lerato Modise, who had entered the room, added that everyone that does not choose him leaves the house. 

Love seems to be the theme of the season because we all know love tends to be disruptive. It seems to have disrupted HoH McJunior who was talking to Taki about how he failed to understand why Disruptor Fahima chose him because he is one of the quiet guys in the house. "How real was it?" he asked. 

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