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Day 21: Meelay finally crawls out of her shell – BBMzansi

11 February 2024
She's coming out; she wants the world to know, and she's got to let it show.
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Meelay, the usually quiet S'ya Mosha housemate, was spotted today having a conversation with Yolanda with loud giggles and laughter while sharing her thoughts about Yolanda's debacle about being ostracised by other housemates.

Today in the garden, Yolanda had a chat with Meelay about how she knew some of the housemates were not pleased with her and what she does to reinforce her presence whenever they come around. This type of convo was not uncommon for Yolanda. Nevertheless, what shocked viewers was her gist partner.

Meelay, who was the other party in Yolanda's convo, is no doubt one of the quietest housemates of the season. She rarely engages in any drama or controversy. It was surprising to see Meelay involved in such a lively and animated conversation with Yolanda, as it was completely out of character for her.

She was also spotted sharing a few moments with Pale in the washing area, before they both had a karaoke session in the dining area. It is safe to say Meelay is an individual who takes her time to settle in and finally opens up when she feels most comfortable, and this is evident from her unexpected interaction with Yolanda and Pale. Her reserved nature may have initially led others to underestimate her ability to engage in social situations, but Meelay's recent actions prove that she is capable of surprising everyone with her hidden extroverted side.

We can't wait to see more of the new Meelay and what else she has to offer the house and viewers.

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