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Day 20: Sticky games and sticky situations – BBMzansi

10 February 2024
This season's ships are weathering tough storms in a house that is only about the game. 
Sinaye, Taki, and Young Pappi Big Brother Mzansi

The month of love has been off to a rocky start in the Big Brother Mzansi house. If it's not kissing rendezvous, then it's apology shout outs in the diary room. Biggie's boys have it tough, but playing a clean game was never a part of the plan. Let's evaluate their mjolo game: 

House baes vs heart mammas

Sinaye and his baes have been a point of conflict for him. He has taken a liking to Zee from the moment her laid eyes on her but his mind, together with the social streets, are quick to remind him that he is in a committed relationship outside the house whenever he is a step too close to her. He has gone as far as to confide in Biggie about his conundrum, and he was gently reminded that his time in the house is limited and this moment happens once. Sinaye took that advice and ran for cuddles and kisses with Zee. His mission now is clear, he's going in hard. It's not smooth sailing for this ship, though. Zee expressed doubt to Makhekhe, whose wise words served as a reminder that she has a choice to stay or walk away. 

Young Pappi and the mammis are a dilema that is all too familiar to the above. He too has spoken about a committed relationship outside the house, and if his conduct in the house is anything to go by, he left that relationship outside Biggie's doors. He is no stranger to a stolen kiss with Els or Fahima, and an evening cuddle with Zee. Although he stands by his actions, his actions have sent him into deep thoughts on what his girlfriend thinks about how he is moving. 

Sticky disruptions

Taki's mission for the first six months of the year was to focus on himself and turn his face away from relationships, but he held an openness that has led him to Neo. The disruptors have been slowly developing a solid ship, a pace that is working against them considering the doom that awaits two disruptors at Sunday's Live eviction show. Unbeknown to him, of course, Taki has dropped Neo a secret admirer note, requesting to be her Valentine. This budding romance is sticky because they will not live to see the day of lovers in the house together. 

The gents, Jareed, Sinaye and Taki, caught up in the bedroom earlier following a wet situation in the jacuzzi between Jareed, Liema and Mpumi. The gents raved about Jareed's game, encouraging him to keep at it. He admitted to the situation's undesirability due to an unhappy party (Liema) in what they called a sticky game.

This season's ships are weathering tough storms in a house that is only about the game. 

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