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Day 20: Chuenzaaa, Willy and dating – BBMzansi

10 February 2024
Chuenzaaa thinks dating a 42-year-old is fine, but not Willy's 50-year-old.

Earlier in the season, Makhekhe probed Chuenzaaa into stating who his type is in the house. His selection is a combination of Willy's body and McJunior's mind. PapaGhost was surprised by his choice of Willy, considering that he thought Willy had an "aunty-shaped" body.

As the show progresses, Chuenzaaa's attraction to Willy continues to persist and he is not even hiding it. 

Today in the garden, he continued to tease Willy, offering to kiss his genitals, and when Willy refused, pointed out a housemate he had kissed. "Oh, but you kissed Els," Chuenzaaa said. Willy did not deny it but added that Els only kissed his lips and not his private parts. 

Today, YoungPappi asked Chuenzaaa if he would give Willy a boyfriend allowance if they dated, and he said he would. Chuenzaaa then followed up his answer with a question to Willy about his older women.

He was curious to find out if they gave him money, and he dismissed it with a stern confirmation that it was not transactional but it was love. Willy felt judged about dating older people and listed other housemates that he had overheard talking about dating older women. For example. Makhekhe used to date a 45-year-old, and Willy was concerned about how that age is okay but he gets judged for dating a 50-year-old. 

Chuenzaaa tried softening the blow by adding that he has also dated an older guy, 42, but made matters worse by sharing that 42 is fine and 50 is not. 

For someone who is trying to get closer to Willy, will all these questions about other housemates and Willy's relationships outside the house do the trick, and drive a wedge between them, considering that Willy feels highly judged for his choices in women; a choice that Chuenzaaa said Willy needs therapy for. 

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