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Day 18: What now, Liema? – BBMzansi

08 February 2024
Perhaps Liema can avert her gaze to companionship of a different kind?
Liema sitting in the garden with sunglasses

Liema's presence in the Big Brother Mzansi house has become associated with her relationship with Jareed. The housemates often claim that the two are inseparable, but this is not a ship that is sailing smoothly into the sunset. 🌅

Jareed's infamous wandering eye has often sent Liema into a frenzy. She has been open about her distrust of him and her plans to wreak havoc in his life. However, these preoccupations, and her mistrust of him, have resulted in her spending less time with Jareed, and more time with other housemates in an effort to make connections. 

Her gist session with Mich provided her some comfort after he shared words of affirmation, complimenting her personality and noticeable presence in the house. Their bonding session naturally gravitated to her relationship with Jareed. Mich's assessment of them was packaged with a reality check for her, stating that not only is she looking for love in the wrong province, but also in the wrong man because the expectation that Jareed will fall into a genuine ship so quickly is a little delulu.  

So if the house isn't the best place to find a lover, then perhaps Liema can avert her gaze to companionship of a different kind? Liema opened up to Lerato Modise about not having friends in the house. Her lack of friendships in the house leaves her without an outlet for her thoughts or emotions, which leaves her isolated. This a realisation that Lerato Modise (and the rest of the house) holds, and she had some wise words to share: 

Considering Lerato Modise's advice, and the conflict her mistrust provides her, what will Liema do about Jareed? 

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