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Day 18: A look at Fahima and McJunior's budding relationship – BBMzansi

08 February 2024
Could Fahima and McJunior's friendship be a match made in Biggie's heaven, or is it all a figment of McJunior's imagination?
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Fahima and McJunior had a special moment today when she praised his speaking voice and poured accolades on him about what a good man he is. This was one of a couple of times when she praised him for his skills, and it has us wondering if she is genuinely interested in McJunior or if this is all in the name of the disruptor game.

He spoke to her about his concerns about his task during the wager presentation. During the presentation, he is meant to give a speech and he seems to think he may not do as well as Taki would because Taki was an actual presenter. Fahima, however, advised him to believe in himself and let him know he sounded nice and that she liked the sound of his voice. She was full of praise which made a happy McJunior blush for a long time. 

Socials have also been buzzing about the relationship between the two, with many looking forward to how the two are going to navigate moving their friendship into a relationship.

However, an important factor to consider is whether Fahima is simply making moves as a disruptor. Even though many viewers do not see this as the case, it is important not to throw that fact out the window.

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