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Day 17: Veganism, anxiety and sweat allergies! – BBMzansi

07 February 2024
Unpacking mental health in one minute.
Zee wearing a short dress, sunglasses, and a blond wig

Mental health is the talk of the house this week. This being in line with the week's theme, health is wealth. The housemates continue to challenge themselves through their sudden healthy lifestyle courtesy of Biggie. They have been on a vegan diet and focusing on their physical activity outside of the mandatory gym sessions every morning. 

Watch their thoughts on veganism here: 

Healthy living is not a practice that is exclusive to one's physical well-being, but it is a phenomenon that translates to the mental well-being too. The housemates have embarked on a mental health awareness campaign within the house in preparation for their weekly wager presentation. Biggie provided them with a platform to express their understanding of mental and physical health through Give me a minute, a game that saw them draw a question from a fishbowl, and provide their honest answers in 60 seconds.

Here's what the housemates had to say: 

Mental health

The housemates got personal and expressed an emotional awareness throughout the game. When asked about her response to anxiety, Els  opened up about her battles with navigating her anxious feelings when surrounded by groups of people. Zee shed light on some causes of mental health disorders being childhood trauma. With the knowledge of the causes and signs, HoH McJunior shared his tips to circumvent feelings of anxiety when confronted with them. His mental health checkins consist of reflection, introspection, meditation and a mix of doing what you love. 

Physical health

Sweating is a natural occurence that Mich is allergic to, so physical exercise is not his portion. He holds no fitness goals because that would result in him sweating, causing his skin to react. Fahima could not be bothered about exercise too. The most she has ever done in physical activity has been in the house, but it's not all gloom in the gym for all housemates. Chuenzaaa, for instance, is one of the few who welcome a little sweat each morning because the daily squats have been assisting them in achieving their big-booty goals. 

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