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Day 17: Concern grows over the possibility of a wager win – BBMzansi

07 February 2024
Housemates are concerned that McJunior and PapaGhost's fight might cost them the wager.
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Yesterday night, McJunior and PapaGhost had an argument about kitchen duties that has led housemates to believe their wager might be in jeopardy because the two might refuse to put their egos aside to make things work.

The drama started when Fahima complained to McJunior that she was not happy about being a part of the team that was to clean the kitchen because they always left dishwashing duties to her. The team includes Lerato Modise, PapaGhost, and Zee, whom she claims all do not like her.

Fahima's loud protest led to a confrontation between McJunior and PapaGhost when McJunior called for a meeting with him and Lerato Modise to address the issue of the dishes.

The argument between McJunior and PapaGhost left their fellow housemates restless about the coming wager presentation because they believed PapaGhost may not cooperate with McJunior in a bid to spite him.

Jareed was of the notion that Lerato Modise and PapaGhost had to be spoken to and planned to do so because he believed they both would continue to have problems with future Heads of House and, in turn, would be an obstacle to winning the weekly wager.

McJunior and PapaGhost exchange words

It is still not clear if McJunior and PapaGhost will be able to resolve their issues and work together for the upcoming wager presentation. Jareed's concern about Lerato Modise and PapaGhost's ongoing problems with future Heads of House adds to the uncertainty surrounding their ability to contribute positively to winning the weekly wager.

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