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Day 17: A ship wreck on the horizon? – BBMzansi

07 February 2024
Yolanda stands on the shores of love for PapaGhost and Fahima sways Zee to doubt Sinaye.

What is a Big Brother Mzansi season without some love entanglements and chaos? The S'yamosha housmeates are not holding back when it comes to love and complications but no ship is safe as the disruptors unleash their firepower. The altercation that prompted Liema's strike was triggered by a matchstick dropped by Taki onto dry grass; A rumour that Els and Jareed shared a kiss in the dark! When Liema heard this, it fueled the flames of doubt from Lawrence Maleka's wandering eye question during the first live eviction show

The flames were fanned and the ship took heat last night when Liema learned that Jareed and Mpumi went into the toilet together. Sinaye made the situation worse when he asked if this was regarding the used condom that was found on the bathroom floor. The housemates believe that the condom was not used and that someone put lotion in it. 

Watch Liema share her concerns with Sinaye: 

Fans have been waiting to see who Zee will choose between Sinaye and YoungPappi, if ever. Their triangle is getting more complicatted than Liema's Ribbon Punishment, all thanks to disruptor Fahima. Before last week's Saturday night party, Sinaye made a plan to get close to Fahima, and when it happened, it stirred up a tension in Zee who is only addressing the matter now. She asked Sinaye if anything happened between them, and went to report her findings to Young Pappi afterwards. 

On the other side, Yolanda is waiting for PapaGhost to follow his heart, which she believes is bery close to her chest. This morning, she stated seven reasons why she thinks PapaGhost loves her. She expressed disappointment in pursuing a kiss with him when she was intoxicated after a party and has now sworn to never make any moves. She will, instead, confidently wait for him to come to her. With so many ships in the harbour, we wonder which ship will surive the tides of tempation in the house...

Wach the reasons why Yolanda things PapaGhost is in love with her: 

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