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Day 16: Zee expresses distrust in Sinaye – BBMzansi

06 February 2024
Zee tells Young Pappi about her growing suspicion of Fahima and Sinaye's relationship.
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Sinaye had a chat with Zee this afternoon, where he questioned her about her situationship with Young Pappi while Zee went on to confide in Young Pappi that she believes Sinaye is lying about his feelings for disruptor Fahima.

While Zee and Young Pappi have not made any serious moves relationship-wise, Sinaye seems to be very interested in whatever is going on between them, and this has got us thinking Sinaye might be expending unnecessary energy on what may not be his business.

Today he asked about Zee's kiss with Young Pappi and how many times it happened. TMI anyone?👀 He asked continuously about where the relationship is going and what type of vibe Young Pappi is getting from her.

Zee, on the other hand, feels that Sinaye is lying to her about what is going on between him and Fahima, which is why she is not too fond of what she perceives to be Sinaye's cunning tactics with Fahima. Sinaye told Zee that Fahima had only fallen asleep on his bed and nothing else during their overnight stay together after the Saturday Night Party.

Young Pappi and Zee's chat  

While speaking to Young Pappi, Zee explained that she feels Fahima and Sinaye were having conversations while in bed after the Saturday Night Party because Biggie had asked housemates to wear their microphones properly. An order he would not have given if all the housemates were asleep.

The Fahima and Young Pappi angle

Fahima, in her diary session, spoke about the Sinaye and Zee dilemma, telling Biggie that Zee isn't chummy with her anymore because of her association with Sinaye. She believes Zee has gotten things wrong, and she has absolutely no feelings for Sinaye. If Zee, however, feels Young Pappi is the man to be with, she might get a rude shock because Fahima and Young Pappi have also shared a kiss and have a looming situationship.

Young Pappi revealed to Willy while in the garden today that Fahima might have eyes for him as well, and he told Willy that he had been manipulating Sinaye to make him believe that he is making progress with Zee.

It raises the question of whether all four housemates are playing each other in this intricate game of emotions. If they are, whose feelings will be hurt in the end, or will they all come out unscathed? Time will tell.

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