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Day 16: Keeping up with the disruptors – BBMzansi

06 February 2024
The disruptors have been standing on business.
Fahima, Neo, and Taki

This season has brought an elevated level of drama from its launch when we were introduced to disruptors Fahima, Neo, and Taki. The trio made their entry into the house under the guise of being normal housemates, but they were assigned roles of being Biggie's undercover agents. Their mission is simple: disrupt!

The disruptors have been hard at work to shake things up in the house. Here's a look at their key highlights: 

A slow burn disruption

Biggie wasted no time in assigning the housemates their first mission which was to disrupt their very first wager presentation, a task that brought on an intrapersonal conflict for Fahima. Biggie's timing seemed to be an inconvenience for her because she had her own plans build relationships, and slay her part of the wager. 

The disruptors got on their zoom and upheld Biggie's request. Their creative flair on disruption saw a successful execution of their mission to an unsuspecting house. Neo and Taki topped their performances with an overflow of crocodile tears that resulted in an empathetic reaction from a devastated house. 

Big Brother touched base with the trio and prompted them to reflect on their efforts to cause disruption in the house. After acknowledging their ability to do more, the disruptors committed to raising the bar. A disruptor who stood on business in particular is Taki. When asked to sow a seed of doubt in the ships in the house, Taki responded with a swiftness that sent waves of doubt and suspicion. He quietly started a rumour that he stumbled upon Els and Jareed's kissing randevous.  

The rumour played out like a perfectly crafted foreshadowing in a melodramatic telenovela. 

A disruptor's love

Fahima's game is the disruption of the heart. Her first victim was HoH McJunior who quickly got his heart broken by Fahima's alleged complacency in his disrepect from the gents in the house. She drove a wedge between McJunior, and Willy and Young Pappi, by flirting and playing touchy-touchy with them. The gents' feud bled into the diary room when it came to nominations. 

Fahima has slid swiftly into Sinaye's people of interest, providing a surprising distraction from his focus on Zee. Given his apprehension towards Zee's relationships with the gents in the house, it will be interesting to see what Fahima's presence triggers for Sinaye. 

Meanwhile, Neo and Taki have been serving Mr and Mrs Smith vibes in the house. The pair has naturally gravitated towards each other throughout their time in the game, and went as far as to profess their liking for each other with an audience of housemates admiring their genuine bond. But Biggie's pending surprise for the disruptors poses a threat to this ship. A doom awaits this star-crossed lovers, and Sunday's live show will determine if theirs is a Bonnie and Clyde fate. 

The rating of disruptors is now open. One disruptor will be upgraded to a real housemate, and two disruptors' journey in the Big Brother house will come to an end based on your ratings. 


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