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Day 16: Cheesy business, veganism and toothpaste woes – BBMzansi

06 February 2024
Who moved the cheese, what is veganism and who smeared toothpaste on Chuenzaaa's bed?
Chuenzaaa holding his waist in a black t-shirt

Suspicion rose in the house last night before nominations when Pale could not find a missing block of cheese. When she noticed its absence, her intentions of making corn vanished, and she started speculating who hid the cheese. Her top suspects were PapaGhost and Lerato Modise, the two housemates she fake nominated last night. Her suspicions became null and void when Biggie announced that in line with their weekly theme, health is wealth, housemates are going vegan. Veganism is a lifestyle and dietary choice characterised by the non-consumption of animal products. Biggie has removed products such as dairy, meat and eggs from the house. 🥒

Chuenzaaa and Yolanda had only one concern; do vegans drink alcohol? Yolanda pursued this question when she rushed to the store room to check if there was alcohol, and when she spotted something in the fridge, rushed to the storeroom with a cup and McJunior turned her away. 🤣

Eggs are a commodity in the house and are the housemate's go-to for breakfast. Now, they need to get creative about what to cook, but luckily, Big Brother was kind enough to give them some vegan recipes.

Outside of being kind, Biggie is not holding back on the twists this season. It's an eviction-free week, however, all three disruptors are nominated. Instead of the usual voting, fans can rate which disruptor should become a housemate. 

When they were reflecting on nominations, Sinaye and Pale gave Taki a pep talk, and he shared that he was anticipating a nomination. Fahima said she did not care and maintained a calm demeanour throughout. 

Watch the fake nominations: 

Chuenzaaa's birthday did not end on a good note, instead, one was written to Biggie as he reported that a housemate smeared toothpaste on his bed. Lerato Modise and PapaGhost were advising him to maintain his composure and not let someone mess up his day. 

Will the culprit come forward? 

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