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Day 15: Biggie twists again – BBMzansi

05 February 2024
McJunior wins HoH, one disruptor can become a housemate and the S'ya Mosha gang fake nominate each other.

The current occupants of the HoH bedroom remain after McJunior won the HoH title for week 3, taking over from Disruptor Neo whose reign was successful according to her housemates. With two balls swinging in a pantyhose hanging from their heads, housemates attempted to clock the fastest time knocking over 20 cups. McJunior, Mich, and PapaGhost made it to round 2 after hitting the most cups in the quickest time. McJunior then hopscotched and ping-ponged his way to the HoH throne. As payback for choosing him when she won HoH, Neo remains by his side during his reign as his deputy. Cute! 😍

Some of the housemates moved to discussing the kind of leader he would be. YoungPappi reckons that he has leadership traits but Mich is worried about his emotional state. Luckily for him, he has a good deputy that can help him execute his role effectively as they work towards another wager win in the health is wealth week. 

Usually, the HoH title comes with the benefit of not only the HoH bedroom but immunity as well. This week, however, the latter does not apply because it's a nomination-free week. This means that no one is going home, but instead, the house will become a home for one of the Disruptors. From tonight until Thursday night, fans have the opportunity to rate the Disruptors ,and either Fahima, Neo, or Taki will become an official Big Brother Mzansi housemate. Sunday's live eviction show will only see the departure of the two Disruptors with the lowest rating. Housemates went thorugh the normal process of nominating each other with reasons, but unbeknown to them, their nominations are fake. 

The fake nominations were tense as always, and the housemates nominated as per below: 

Housemate Nomination 1 Nomination 2
Chuenzaaa Fahima  Willy 
Els  Yolanda  Lerato Modise 
Jareed  PapaGhost  Lerato Modise 
Fahima  Chuenzaaa Fahima 
Lerato Modise Pale  Mich 
Liema  Meelay Els 
Mpumi Yolanda  PapaGhost 
Makhekhe  Pale  Taki 
McJunior Lerato Modise  YoungPappi 
Meelay Fahima  Pale 
Mich  PapaGhost  Fahima 
Neo  PapaGhost  Lerato Modise 
PapaGhost Yolanda Mich 
Pale PapaGhost  Lerato Modise 
Sinaye  PapaGhost  Meelay 
Taki Yolanda PapaGhost 
Willy PapaGhost  Yolanda 
Yolanda  Lerato Modise  Liema 
YoungPappi Yolanda  Meelay 
Zee Fahima  Yolanda 

The fake nomimated houesemates are Lerato Modise, Fahima, PapaGhost, Yolanda, Taki and Neo. Remember, one of the three Disruptors will stay in the house while the other two get evicted this Sunday. The HoH did not get a save and replace this week. 

Watch the HoH games here: 

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