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Day 13: Pale's tea is piping hot – BBMzansi

03 February 2024
Pale has managed to dedicate her time in the house to collecting scoop and giving the tea.
Pale dancing in the party room

Every kasi has the one person who makes life in that neighbourhood colourful with their mgosi. Big Brother's house is no different and we have Pale to thank for it. Pale has managed to dedicate her time in the house to collecting scoop and giving the tea to any open ear, and the best part is that her tea is served hot. Her key ingredient is PapaGhost.

While some of the girls have their eyes set on the boys for purposes of shipping, her eyes are locked on one man for mgosi and nothing else. Today's gossip was about PapaGhost making a distasteful move on Els last night in the absence of Lerato Modise. Els recounted an encounter that left her upset at PapaGhost after he apparantly made sexual advances on her. This, as it turned out, is not a story that was shared in confidence. Pale wasted no time in spilling it all to the Disruptors Fahima and Taki. 

PapaGhost made it onto her raday in week one when he took an alleged jab at her during one of the wager rehearsals by saying that he does not have an office job to go back to, something that Pale is known for talking about. She has since been very vocal about her disdain towards him and, in her observation, his inability to be a team player. 

It seems PapaGhost didn't leave too bitter a taste in Pale's mouth and there is room for a smidge of sweetness. Earlier in the week she spoke to Yolanda about his sweetness but that was quickly clouded by how overbearing they find him, and his rigid nature when it comes to tasks and other people's ideas at this week's wager rehearsals. The housemates went on to win the their weekly wager presentation, which yielded a stiff expression of happiness from PapaGhost, something Pale did not go without noticing. 

But the housemates' unofficial confidant is not always in people's business. When she is not serving tea, she's partying up a storm at the Saturday Night Party with the rest of the housemates. Tonight's party was lit from start to finish all thanks to DJ Stopper who rocked a mix of Kwaito and Amapiano. The party had a kaleidoscope theme which saw housemates drapped in fine designer pieces that brought colour to the already lit dance floor. 

The party may stop, but Pale's purpose never does. She resumed the mgosi upon their return from the party room. Wherever Pale is, trust that you will always have the news delivered to you unfiltered. 

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