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Day 13: Distrust grows in Biggie's house – BBMzansi

03 February 2024
What's a season of Big Brother without cliques and alliances?
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There seems to be a lot of scheming and backtalking in the S'ya Mosha house when it comes to interpersonal relationships. From PapaGhost warning Makhekhe about a possible love interest to Sinaye advising Zee to stay away from Young Pappi.

There are a couple of cracks in the housemates' interpersonal relationships, and it is evident in how one housemate speaks of the other behind their back. The talks are not necessarily terrible, but they often lean towards discrediting the character or intentions of the person being discussed.

PapaGhost advice Makhekhe

Last night, PapaGhost had a discussion with Makhekhe about his recent closeness to Yolanda and what his intentions are for her. Makhekhe made it clear that he is just playing around, while PapaGhost advised him to be careful about his association with her. PapaGhost and Yolanda have not had the best relationship in the house, as they often clash due to their differing personalities.

Sinaye was also recently seen advising Zee to be mindful of Young Pappi. This advice comes days after she kissed him after the first Saturday Night Party. Is Sinaye's advice a result of his interest in Zee or is he genuinely concerned about Zee's feelings? It could also be that Sinaye is aware of Young Pappi's kiss with Disruptor Fahima and wants to protect Zee from any relationship drama.

Whatever the case may be, it seems housemates are beginning to form cliques and alliances in a bid to be able to stand strong against perceived adversaries and to also gain the benefits of surviving nominations and ultimately eviction from Biggie's house.

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