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Day 10: Yolanda this, Yolanda that! – BBMzansi

31 January 2024
Young Pappi had a lot to say about Yolanda's disregard of a peaceful environment.
Mich wears a black durag and chats to Young Pappi while sitting on garden chairs

The housemates are up to their wits end, united in their frustration at none other than Yolanda. Her name has been in everyone's mouths all day and the bone of contention was mainly her singing. 

Pale and McJunior were vocal about their irritation at how loud she can be, expressing that she is inconsiderate and her voice is annoying everyone. Why not confront her about it, you might ask? Their concerns have fallen on deaf ears, perhaps because Yolanda cannot hear the hate through her own singing. 

Young Pappi had a lot to say about Yolanda's disregard of a peaceful environment. He feels that Yolanda's overt presence in a house full of big personalities is somewhat of a cry for attention.

As if that was not enough, Yolanda seems to be causing a literal headache for PapaGhost even after they doused their conflict last week. He hopped on the ride as Yolanda's name made waves through the house, making his contribution to the hushed conversations. He said he had an excruitiating headache from Yolanda's loudness yesterday, concluding that she does not know how to live with people. 

Chuenzaaa does not appreciate talking about people behind their backs, so he took it upon himself to raise the matter with Yolanda, albeit jokingly, but she snapped back with a fierceness, saying she's that she is so loud that the neighbours might also hear her. She boldly shut it down by asking if her singing is a problem, but was met with a retreating no. 

"I did say that I was loud," said Yolanda when she had her moment in the diary room. She gave Biggie a piece of her mind in a fiery diary session where she read Liema for filth, coming for her off-key singing and apparent mood swings because of her man's wondering eye. The house's joint annoyance is mutually felt by Yolanda who is missing when the house adopted an attitude against singing when they all sang loudly when they first came into the house. With word going around that the housemates are scared to confront her about this matter, it will be interesting to see whether she will address the masses on their whispers, or if the house will endure more of her strong personality. 

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