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Day 10: Mjolo getting the better of Jareed and Liema – BBMzansi

31 January 2024
Els, the flirt, stirs up trouble in paradise.

So, it's been a week and a day holed up in the Big Brother Mzansi house and now, instead of reminiscing about home, all the housemates are doing is chewing over each other's gossip. The hot topic on everyone's lips? Jareed and Liema's ship, which might just hit rock bottom soon at the rate things are going. 

The drama started when Lawrence Maleka's live show crossover question for Mpumi about a guy in the house who can't keep his eyes in check stirred the house. Mpumi thought Jareed was eyeing her up and even gave him an ultimatum that night to choose either Liema or her. Cue instant doubt in Liema's mind, and suddenly, she's giving Jareed the side eye. She even spilled the beans to Sinaye, saying she's lost trust in the guy.

Watch their conversation here: 

Liema wasn't sure how to slow things down with Jareed, but she ended up cornering him in the garden, with Els, Mpumi and Pale calling it Liema's court. Afterwards, they gave Jareed a pep talk about being his own man and not feeling pressured to stick to just one girl. Basically, they were echoing what some other guys in the house thought: Jareed's lost his mojo because of this ship.

Els isn't helping matters either. She's been flirting with Jareed, and Liema caught them in the act. When Els asked Jareed if she should ease up on the flirting, he brushed it off, saying they're cool. Later, Jareed tried to justify himself to Liema, saying he can't shut down other housemates who fancy him because, hey, it's all part of the game.

And just when you thought things couldn't get more chaotic, they started kissing in the kitchen, sticking it to the naysayers. It's a full-blown game for them, no doubt, but it's only the second week, and their ship is already sailing through stormy seas of rumors and suspicion.

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