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Day 45: Liema and Yolanda get a strike each – BBMzansi

06 March 2024
One more strike and Liema is out!
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In the latest turn of events, the spotlight fell on Yolanda and Liema, as they got issued with a strike each over a heated altercation that escalated. It started as a mundane disagreement about food into a regrettable exchange of derogatory remarks from Liema and a physical confrontation when Yolanda poured a drink on Liema from upstairs. 

Watch their altercation here: 

The familiar scene unfolded as housemates were summoned to the lounge, anticipation thick in the air. As the housemates gathered, Biggie reminded them of Article 16 of the rule book as a stark reminder that violence, whether directed towards oneself or others, will not be tolerated. Provocation, bullying, and discriminatory language are deemed equally reprehensible, carrying penalties at Big Brother's discretion.

A growing infringement record

This is a first-time offence for Yolanda, but Liema adds another strike to her record, making it two. One more strike and she will be disqualified from Big Brother's house. She received her first strike after spitting on some housemates after a Thursday pool party. A week before that, Makhekhe received a double strike after his post-pool party comments. Liema also received a warning alongside Jareed and Mpumi for obstructing Big Brother's cameras and for placing the towel over Jareed's bed, Mpumi received a strike. 

Watch Liema's first strike: 

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