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The regular customers – BBMzansi

19 January 2022
They may all be different but they have one thing in common – they’re all aiming for that whopping grand prize at the season finale, and who can blame them? Seriously, it’s grand!
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Over the past seasons of Big Brother Mzansi – and the assorted incarnations from around the world – certain personality types have repeatedly emerged, with some turning out to be fan favourites and others… not so much. These character traits often smell quite strongly of strategy, so we thought we’d list a few Big Brother Archetypes that are likely to appear over the coming season.

The Underdog

To those who enter the House and make no noise about their talents and character - we see you! Underdogs can usually be recognised by their ability to get on with almost everybody, and often shine during the Tasks, where they surprise not only the audience but their fellow Housemates, as well. They have an uncanny ability to start winning the game without anybody noticing, but once you spot them, just know they are about to leave your jaw on the floor!

The Strategist

Be it their mind on the money or the money on their mind, we get it. It's all about the moola, and we understand – R2 million is no joke!. The only issue is what they will do in order to get it. These ones form alliances and think only of how to get ahead. They have an ear in every conversation and are set on performing to the highest level in every Task and contest.

Once they become Head of House, well… that’s when their fellow Housemates – and those of us watching – have the best chance to spot them for the strategic masterminds that they are.

The Lover(s)

Throughout the seasons, Housemates have declared their desire to find love in the House. It always starts off with a conversation about their ideal partner, which leads to some hasty pairing up, and the couples then start navigating the game together. Fans tend to root for them, and will often deal out their votes accordingly. We are not sleeping on you lovers – we see your strategy!

The Manipulator

A pandemic of their own, these types of characters are all about mind games and changing the narrative to better suit themselves, whether it be spreading rumours or convincing people of things untrue! We forgive them though, because a little bit of spicy gist can go a long way…

Of course, with such a varied assortment of Housemates, not everyone will fall into one of these categories, but we’re sure that these four will be as much a part of the game as Big Brother, himself!

Big Brother Mzansi season 3 will start airing on 23 January 2022 on DStv Channel 161 Mzansi Magic and the 24-hour broadcast channel 198. Big Brother Mzansi will be available on DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus and DStv Premium only. Use the hashtag #BBMzansi to join the conversation and connect with us on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram and TikTok!