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Lawrence Maleka in the limelight! – BBMzansi

05 April 2022
Big Brother Mzansi’s Host, Lawrence Maleka has been stealing the limelight with his charisma and stellar presenting skills since the premiere of the show.
Lawrence amongst former HMs

Viewers have applauded Maleka for his oomph and knack to keep them, as well as Housemates, on their toes beke le beke, especially on Eviction nights.

With plenty of experience under his belt hosting some of Mzansi’s leading shows, we anticipated nothing less from this heartthrob. He undeniably kept BBMzansi viewers captivated and glued to the much loved reality show.

Through salacious scandals, twists and turns that took place during the course of the season, Maleka ascertained that tables were constantly shaking. Speaking of scandals, he never missed an opportunity to ask Housemates some burning questions.

Being spicy was just  his second language.  Who can forget the day when Maleka had his foot on Terry’s neck? Just in case you don't remember, during one of his House crossovers to talk to the Housemates, Terry wanted to know how the host was faring and he responded by saying “Anginamsindo”Anginamsindo translated from isiZulu to English means “I am not loud”. Shade or not, Lawrence took a jab at Terry being the loudest in the House.

Terry was not the only Housemate Maleka took a jab at. Venus was once on the receiving end too for being carried by B.U while they kissed passionately. Later on, she was spotted in the very same position, only this time with Themba. Lawrence commented by saying, " uyathanda uku-kukiwa!" , meaning you love being carried.

It would be a sin if we didn’t mention that Maleka also brought in enough drip to the show. In fact, the drip was enough it could drown any troll!

As you already know, we love hearing from you. What will you miss the most about BBMzansi’s Host?