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Day 69: The best of our faves! - BBMzansi

02 April 2022
It's never easy to say goodbye to people we have grown fond of especially when they hold a dear place in our hearts.
Housemates rehearsing for Wager

We’ve been watching the Housemates for a bit now, and we’ve become accustomed to their inside jokes and some of their catchy expressions. Although they will soon be leaving Biggie’s House, only one of them will emerge the winner. Lives are about to be changed a few hours from now, but we’d like to keep it lighthearted as we wait for the winner to be crowned.


We may not understand just why everything needs turmeric, but Gash1 has proven that it’s all in that spice for his meals. We’ve heard praises of his meals and besides his food stashing inclination, Housemates have truly enjoyed his food. Are you really cooking if you don’t use turmeric? Gash1 rants and raves about his cooking skills with this spice, and we must agree we will miss his cooking. We are taking notes and will remember to add some to our meals too.


We totally understand how the Housemates laboured through the Fitness Sessions with you. Although we watched along, some of us got into the habit of attempting every routine you shared with the Housemates. Who knew we would be inspired to get on the fitness program with your Workout Sessions. More so we will his infectious laughter and his jokes.


Although she started the journey as a lone ranger, she has shown us that it’s okay to be alone and play to the beat of your own drum. We will miss her pranks and the way she comes alive when she tells her stories and just the way she always looked fabulous at every Saturday Night Party.


DRACULA! Most of us didn’t expect to fall in love with what could have easily been an annoying voiceover. Looking back now, we think this may be one of the iconic highlights of the season. However, Themba’s sense of style and his funny outlook on life really helped us find humour in serious conversations. We will miss his creativity in Wager Tasks, his shade and the jabs he threw around when things got heated.


If ever we host the #BBMzansi Fashion Awards, we hope you will vote for Tulz’s jersey, the only piece of clothing in the House that broke the internet. Besides being the triple title Tulz, we will miss his cooking skills and the way he directed the Wager Task Presentations, his passion for the arts and his radio voice.

There’s just so much we can say about the Housemates, but among the many ups and downs in Biggie’s House, we are most excited to have seen and known such amazing individuals. As we gear up to say goodbye to them, we can’t wait to just bring the Party Room walls down with an iconic sendoff. After all, it is someone’s farewell party tonight as you have come to call it.

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