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Day 50: The Ultimate Veto Power is in play – BBMzansi

14 March 2022
Plot twist after plot twist, Biggie is not about to enjoy a Kitkat anytime soon – there’s definitely no rest in this House.
Sis Tamara and Tulz have made it through the first round of Ultimate Veto Power play

After changing the usual HoH Games into a voting round for the next HoH, Biggie decided to throw in more spice with the first round of the Ultimate Veto Power play to shake the House this week. Tonight's game was split into two part: for the first part of the challenge, Housemates had to dig up marbles and for the second part, they were required to shoot the marbles they have mined into a net, in order to score points. The more marbles they can dig up, the better their chances of having a high score.

Rules of the game …

The first part of the challenge is a game of luck. There are 10 clear square boxes filled with sand. There are 60 marbles have been spread throughout these boxes. Some boxes have marbles while others have none. Housemates are to take the clear jar on the table next to them and, standing on the line, wait for the sound of the buzzer. At the sound of the buzzer, rush to any of the boxes with sand and begin your search for the marbles hidden inside these boxes. The aim is to retrieve as many marbles as you can. Once you have collected your marbles, make your way to the table on the stage, and immediately begin with the second part of this game, which relies on your skill to score your marbles into the net.

Put your marbles behind the marked line, and using any one of your fingers, you must flick each marble to score it into the net on the opposite end. The number of marbles that successfully get into the net, will determine your score for this challenge.

How it turned out

Although it was a game of luck at the beginning, Housemates struggled to come to terms with having few marbles and maximising on possibly using a few they had at the time to flick them across the table. For some, the buzzer went off with not a single marble in their net. Unfortunately, this means they are out of the running to win the Ultimate Veto Power. Themba, Sis Tamara and Tulz were the highest scoring Housemates with two marbles in their net each. Luckily Thato scored one marble and made which put her in a better position than most Housemates that had epic misses.

In a day filled with many unusual plot twists, Biggie’s House has been thrown off its usual game, but in a House full of diverse strategies will their individual games need to be adapted to these new changes? We have many questions too, but we are equally curious to see the top contenders for the Ultimate Veto Power.

Congratulations to Themba, Tulz, Sis Tamara and Thato for making it through the first round of the UVP play. We are excited to see the four of them battle it out in the next round(s) to come. Whatever  power they wield we are excited about the new changes.

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