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Day 50: The explosive power of HoH – BBMzansi

14 March 2022
Now that Themba has been crowned Head of House, he's about to access a great privilege that enables him to influence the game. Here's a look at tricks available for him this week
Themba HoH BBMzansi

Themba was on Monday smiling from ear to ear after Biggie made the announcement that he had recieved the most votes from his fellow Housemates for the Head of House throne. Fresh from being Libo's Deputy Head of House just last week, Themba couldn't be happier to have snatched it up with minimal effort. In a plot twist, Big Brother summoned the Housemates to nominate two Housemates they would most like to see as HoH. And instead of having to go through hoops and win through the typical HoH games, Themba easily found himself the man in charge, thanks to the popular vote. 

There's lots that comes with this throne; one gains immunity from Nominations - which means their place is secured for another week in the House, they have the ability to choose their DHoH, which means they are able to save someone else, and in the process prove their loyalty and solidify alliances in the House. As if that's not enough, they typically have a Veto Power, which enables to bring someone else back from the Nominations list, and replace them with someone else. Themba will sure be looking to use these privileges wisely, now that we are close to that highly contested Top 5. 

This week, however, Biggie has slapped the Housemates with a surprise of the Ultimate Veto Power. That switches up the game a whole lot more, shaking the tables and making even the Head of House take no power naps. Notwithstanding, Themba now joins a long list of power moves taken by his predecessors in this position.

For starters, many will never forget how Sis Tamara moved the game to a whole new dimensions when she took the HoH throne for the second time. As if becoming the first Housemate to win HoH twice this season, Sis Tamara went on to have jaws dropping across the continent. First, she nominated her friend Terry along with Terry's boyfriend Vyno. Next up, she used her Veto Power to save Tulz and replace him with Vyno. The end of that play? Vyno, who hadn't been initially nominated, was Evicted that week!

Tulz came next, following hot on Sis Tamara's heels to become the second Housemate to hold the Head of House position. Clearly aware of the power that comes with being HoH, Tulz used it to shake the tables and influence the game in a way that has had ripple effects to this very moment. Instead of returning the favour and saving Sis Tamara, he decided to instead save Terry, and replaced her with Thato. This was a statement to assure Terry that she's safe and the trio that is complete with Libo. Another power move? Choosing Libo as his DHoH influenced the following week!

After a day of panicking, Tulz found himself safe again. In return for the proven loyalty, Libo became Head of House and used his Veto Power to save Tulz. He also made Themba his DHoH, which has just now come back to benefit him. Themba chose Libo as his Head of House. 

It's quite clear that the HoH title, however challenging in its own way, is very powerful. It will be interesting to see how Themba uses it!

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