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Day 44: Here we go, again! – BBMzansi

08 March 2022
Spare a thought for some of the Nominated Housemates: this must be exhausting! Most of them have only just survived an Eviction, and all their plans from yesterday went awry.
Thato looking tired.

The Conspiracy Corner saw a lot of use yesterday, and it seemed like multiple alliances started to form, but – when it came down to it – only one managed to make itself matter. A few the Housemates decided that they would target Tulz and Libo, since their alliance has proven to be quite strong, but Libo threw a spanner in the works by winning the HoH challenge, earning himself immunity. Muddying up the waters even further, he decided to save Tulz and replace him with Nale, meaning that she found herself on the Nominations list again – a situation she must be used to, by now.

Interestingly, Nale only received a single Nomination last night – from Gash1 – so her situation has actually changed drastically as far as her standing inside the House goes, but it’s made no real difference: she’s up for potential Eviction this Sunday.

Another repeat Nominations customer is Mphowabadimo, who also narrowly missed being safe this week. She received a total of five votes last week, but that number came down to a mere two this time around, meaning that she could have been safe had the odd Housemate voted differently and changed the Nominations split.

Gash1 and Venus both received three Nominations, and that has clearly had an effect on Venus. Earlier today, she seemed utterly demoralised as she spent a private moment sobbing, and the rest of the Housemates have noticed. Gash1, for his part, seems to be taking it all in his stride, although he has been giving Tulz the odd hard look.

Tulz will at least know that he would have been up for Nomination had he not been saved by the HoH – and not for the first time – but he cannot be sure how tenuous his position is. He received a total of four Nominations, which means that an HoH Save and Replace is the only thing that could have kept him off the list. During his Diary Session, Themba indicated that he would Save Tulz if he were to be Head of House, which means that Tulz had at least two routes available to escape Nomination. By this point, it’s become obvious that Tulz is trying to avoid being on the chopping block at all costs, because he is the only Housemate never to have been tested in that way – a situation at least four of his Housemates would like to see changed.

Thato received the highest number of Nominations, though – with a total of five, meaning more than half of her fellow Housemates put her on the block. She’s survived her fair share of Live Eviction Shows, however, so her position might not be as tenuous as it seems on the surface, but so have Mpho, Gash1 and Nale: at least one of one must have their luck run out, some time.

Interestingly, both Mphowabadimo and Sis Tamara indicated their unwillingness to enter alliances, but Mpho’s Nominations tended to fall in line with the targeting of Tulz, but Sis Tamara – despite seeming really frustrated with Tulz – didn’t vote with the bloc, at all, instead putting Venus and Thato on the block.

Of course, most of the top 10 Housemates have started to think of the endgame: they’re targeting the Housemates they think are strong to avoid having to go up against them right at the end. As Libo put it, “I don’t want to be in the final with Mphowabadimo.” At the end of the day, that’s not really his decision: it’s the voters’.

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