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Day 36: A goodbye to Yoli, Norman and Vyno – BBMzansi

28 February 2022
Thanks to a triple Eviction, Yoli, Norman and Vyno have left the House. Here's a short review of their contributions to the show.
Yoli hugging Vyno during her Eviction.

The Big Brother Mzansi House lost three people last night, and before the remaining Housemates get caught up in tonight’s Head of House Games, we thought we’d use the quiet time to reflect on the time that Yoli, Norman and Vyno spent in the House.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that the triple Eviction was a first, and the Housemates were not ready for it. Neither, come to that, were the fans, as evidenced by the social media response.


Yoli was the first person to leave the House, last night, so we’ll start with her. She walked into the House on 23 January – like almost all the other Housemates – and her bubbly energy was immediately apparent.

Her enthusiasm for tackling the Tasks head on was also a notable characteristic, especially anything that required the Housemates to act – she teaches performing arts, after all. But don't mistake her positive energy for weakness. Yoli was more than capable of asserting herself:

When it was announced that Yoli had been Evicted from the House, fans reacted swiftly: Yoli was always a source of positivity, and her fans returned the favour.

Norman was a Housemate who wore his heart on his sleeve: when he was having fun, he was laughing. When he was upset, he would cry. You always knew where you stood, with Norman.

His emotional personality did mean that he had a few difficulties in the House, and he broke down on more than one occassion.

When his Eviction was announced, plenty of his supporters took to the Twitter streets to wish him well:

Vyno was one two Housemates to enter the House a week after the rest and had to deal with suspicions that he was some kind of “wildcard” throughout his stay in the House – a situation that irritated him more than just a little bit.

His most obvious contribution to the show was giving shippers something to talk about, having hooked up with Terry early into his stay. While his devotion to that relationship was never particularly clear, he told Lawrence that it was not just about strategy. To be fair, Terry’s attitude toward Vyno is also less than perfectly clear.

When Lawrence announced that his time on BBMzansi had come to an end, Vyno’s fans wasted no time in showing their support:

And just like that, 14 became 11. We’re about halfway through this season of Big Brother Mzansi, so there’s still plenty of drama and surprises to come.

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